Tag Day is April 7th

Make sure your pet has its ticket home!

Millions of lost dogs and cats are taken to animal shelters as strays each year. The odds are against pet owners ever seeing their pet again if it is not wearing identification. Only about 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats who end up in shelters without an ID tag or microchip are reunited with their owners.

In keeping with its mission to reduce the number of homeless pets, Oklahoma Alliance for Animals (OAA) sponsors Tag Day each year to encourage all pet owners to tag and microchip their companion animals. This year’s Tag Day will be on Saturday, April 7, 2012. OAA will once again be partnering with several humane organizations to provide free ID tags throughout the Tulsa area. Pet owners can receive one free tag per family; additional tags can be purchased for $5.

“Being a responsible pet owner is about more than just providing food, water and shelter,” says Jamee Suarez-Howard, Founder and President of OAA. “Pet care also includes tagging and microchipping your pet to make sure they are reunited with you if they are lost.”

Although most pet owners think their pet would never run away, even the most responsible pet owners can be accidentally separated from their pets. Keeping up to date identification on your pet provides the best chance of being reunited. Collars with tags are the most effective form of pet identification because they allow anyone to immediately identify a lost cat or dog and contact the owner. Having a collar and tag can allow your pet to be reunited with you within hours or even minutes of becoming separated from you.

However, collars can come off or be inadvertently removed which is why microchips are also an important tool in reuniting pets with owners. A microchip serves as permanent identification system that will always be with a pet. Nearly all animal shelters across the country routinely scan every animal upon intake for the presence of a microchip. Most veterinary clinics also have microchip scanners. However, microchips are not readily visible which is why having a microchip coupled with a collar and tag is important.

Both tags and microchips are only effective in reuniting a lost pet with his owner when the owner’s contact information is accurate. Tags should always reflect the most current contact information and microchips must be registered immediately in the appropriate database.  Always update your contact information promptly when you move or get a new phone number.

With the possibility of damaging storms and floods during spring, April is a great time to remind Green Country pet owners to ensure their pets have current identification.  Since storm season can present situations which are unpredictable and present the possibility of being separated from pets, having proper identification on pets ahead of time is vital for disaster preparedness.

Tag Day Locations:

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals
1822 – B E. 15th Street
10 am to 4 pm
OAA will also offer $25 micro chipping at this location only from 10 am to 1 pm.
Call 918-742-3700 for more information

Humane Society of Tulsa
6232 E. 60th Street (60th & Sheridan)
12 pm to 6 pm
Call 918-495-DOGS for more information

Tulsa SPCA
Reasor’s on 41st & Yale in Tulsa
10 am to 4 pm
Call 918-625-4584 for more information

Berryhill Animal Activists
Berryhill High School
2901 S. 65th W. Avenue
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Call 918-742-3700 for more information

Zoi’s Animal Rescue at Petsmart in Owasso
9010 N. 121st E. Avenue
Owasso. OK
11 am to 4pm

Washington County SPCA
16620 State Highway 123
Bartlesville, OK
10 am to 4 pm
Call 918-336-1577 for more information

*Limit 1 free ID tag per family.  Additional tags may be purchased for $5.