Call to Action for the Welfare of Animals

TWATulsa Animal Welfare (TAW)
Phase One of Master PlanIimplementation
Capital Improvements
June 20, 2013

Animal Welfare plays an important role in assuring public safety and quality of life issues in Tulsa. The capital improvements included in this package directly affect TAW’s ability to provide services to the citizens that include the containment, sheltering and ultimate disposition of stray and owned dogs, cats and other companion animals. The current facility was designed and built for a catch and kill philosophy of animal control, an outmoded and backwards method no longer followed. Phase One remodels and expands the current facility to allow TAW to practice a modern and humane animal welfare model, capture, shelter and live exit for as many animals as possible.

Since the 2008 Mayor’s Task Force on Animal Welfare made recommendations based on the Humane Society of United States study, euthanasia has gone from approximately 90% in 2007 to 50% so far in 2013. To make the next step to the ultimate goal of not euthanizing any healthy, adoptable animals (10%) the animal shelter must be improved and expanded.

Capital improvements will improve holding areas for animals held in rabies quarantine in a 4’x8’ interior kennel – quarantine of bite animals is mandated by state law and local ordinance. Funds will add adoption areas allowing animals to be moved out of the general population where parvovirus, distemper, and kennel cough are constant threats to animal health. The new adoption spaces will encourage the public to adopt more animals from TAW thus reducing the length of stay for those animals. New technologies and equipment to move/cool/heat the air; disinfect and clean will be installed to control disease and improve animal health. Lost animals will be in better health when returned to their owners. Healthy animals get adopted more quickly.

The City of Tulsa has almost $1.4 billion in identified capital needs for FY15-FY19. The amount available is projected to be over $818 million. The $2.8 million for Animal Welfare is just .3% of the total. Animal Welfare has no other funding source for this renovation/expansion.

Call, e-mail or visit your Councilor (or all the Councilors) and tell them:
Please put Phase One of the Animal Shelter expansion back in the FY15-FY19 Capital Improvement Program.

More information and to find out who your Councilor is: