Oklahoma Alliance for Animals is a Tulsa based 501c3 nonprofit collaborative organization established in 2004. OAA’s primary purpose is to bring together the people and resources needed to overcome pet homelessness, abuse and neglect.


Oklahoma Alliance for Animals is dedicated to reducing pet overpopulation, encouraging responsible pet ownership and promoting the humane treatment of animals through community collaboration and education.


To transform Oklahoma communities into places where all animals are treated humanely and no healthy, adoptable dog or cat is destroyed merely because it does not have a home.


Our organization is unique in that we take a holistic approach to solving the pet overpopulation crisis and other animal welfare issues. In order to reduce the occurrence of euthanasia of adoptable animals, we must not only increase the number of animals that are adopted from shelters and rescues, but we must also reduce the number of animals that enter municipal shelters. In order to decrease the occurrence of animal abuse and neglect, we must not only educate the public about how to properly care for and treat their animals, but also increase law enforcement response to and prosecution of acts that constitute animal cruelty.

Rather than creating a stand-alone organization to accomplish these objectives, we instead have created a collaborative organization to facilitate animal rescue organizations, veterinarians, municipal animal shelters, law enforcement and our community members to work together to achieve common goals.