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Oklahoma Alliance for Animals is predominantly volunteer based, but we do occasionally have paid positions available. Available career opportunities will be posted here.


Program Supervisor (Full Time)
Job Description

Salary: Open
Reports to Board President

Position Overview:

The Program Supervisor manages, coordinates, and oversees Oklahoma Alliance for Animals’ various programs, including Mend-A-Friend Fund, Turley Pet Project, Pet Food Pantry, Unchain OK, Fix OK and H.E.L.P Tulsa, as well as daily animal care and rescue, anti-cruelty efforts, special events, volunteer recruitment and engagement. The Program Supervisor manages and supervises the Unchain OK Program Coordinator, Animal Rescue and Transport Coordinator (Tulsa Animal Welfare embed employee), Animal Care Coordinator, and the Administrative and Program Assistant.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Respond to, coordinate, co-approve/deny, and send veterinary payment for Mend-A-Friend Fund grant requests with Board President.
  • Coordinate medical care and sheltering for OAA animal intakes.
  • Coordinate pet food donations, pick-ups, and deliveries to Turley, Food on the Move, and other food distribution events.
  • Assist Unchain OK Program Coordinator in effectively managing the Unchain OK program.
  • Assist Animal Rescue and Transport Coordinator as needed.
  • Maintain records for grant reporting purposes (i.e., H.E.L.P voucher program).
  • Assist with and help coordinate special events (i.e., adoption events, fundraising events, microchipping events, etc.).
  • Coordinate and help facilitate “No Excuse for Animal Abuse” classes in partnership with instructors.
  • Recruit, on-board, and train new volunteers, while engaging existing volunteer base.
  • Respond to all text messages and voicemails to the OAA Google cell phone.
  • Respond to all emails sent to OAA’s general email.
  • Respond to all Facebook messages sent through Oklahoma Alliance for Animals’ Facebook page.
  • Help in-office clients with pet food, vouchers, miscellaneous assistance as needed.
  • Assist on-site with animal intake from hoarding or cruelty/neglect situations.
  • Network pets in OAA’s care for foster and adoptive homes.
  • Maintain records of animal intake, placement, transfer, adoption, and other.
  • Keep Petstablished adoption database up to date in partnership with Animal Care Coordinator.
  • Work with transport coordinator(s) to get all required information, records, pictures, and videos needed for submission in partnership with Animal Care Coordinator.
  • Submit transport candidates to transport partners and other rescues in partnership with the Animal Care Coordinator.
  • Assist with other tasks associated with OAA as assigned.

Education, Experience and Requirements:

  • Associates degree or higher required.
  • 3-5+ years of experience in animal rescue, care, or welfare required.
  • Supervisory experience strongly preferred.
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

To apply, send your resume to