Gimme Shelter Agreement for Receiving Agencies and Organizations

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals (OAA) is providing these professionally-designed building plans at no cost to the receiving agency/business/organization/city. The plans were fully funded by OAA and created by Olsen-Coffey Architects in Tulsa, OK for humane holding facilities that could easily be constructed by rural municipalities, counties, or tribal governments.

By accepting these plans, you agree to the following:

  • The plans are not to be distributed to other agencies/businesses/organizations/cities outside the purview of the original request to Oklahoma Alliance for Animals. Anyone else wanting to request the plans can email
  • You must notify Oklahoma Alliance for Animals if the plans are to be used in any form (original or modified) to construct a humane shelter in your city, county, or on tribal land.
  • If a shelter is constructed using the original plans in any form, Oklahoma Alliance for Animals must be included by name in all pre- and post-construction publicity (listed as Oklahoma Alliance for Animals’ Gimme Shelter Resource) as the provider of the free shelter plans.
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  • By clicking below, you are acknowledging that you have read the above listed requirements for receiving OAA's Gimme Shelter plans and agree to uphold the terms.