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Chaining a dog is the most common form of animal abuse.

Unchain OK volunteers work to reduce the number of dogs subjected to living on chains by educating the owners and providing alternatives to chaining. Oftentimes owners also need basic items to help provide for dogs -including doghouses, straw, food, trolleys, and more.

No dog deserves to live on a chain. Would you want to? Please be a responsible pet owner and pledge to never chain your dog.

A chained dog is an easy target for predators and abusers. A chained dog can die from twisted chains and accidental hanging. Chained dogs suffer mental and emotional anguish because of separation and isolation. Imagine being chained to a post for years with no opportunity to move, run, stretch, living in your own filth. Oftentimes these are the calls that Unchain OK volunteers see.

Your dog needs to be with you.Chained and Confused

You, the human family, have become your dog’s pack.  When not with you, the dog suffers mentally and physically, shut out of the pack and not knowing why. Be a responsible pet owner and don’t leave your dog chained outside. Bring the dog inside the house to be a part of the family.

If dogs don’t learn how to live with humans, they are more likely to bite. Your pet is 2.8 times more likely to bite when chained or penned especially is an unneutered male or a mother with pups.  There were 304 children in the US killed or seriously injured by dogs living chained or penned between October 2003 and April 2010. Imagine the mental anguish of being chained for days, weeks, even years on end. It’s enough to cause severe stress and anguish on any living creature.

Have a dog for the right reasons. Be a responsible pet owner. 

A chained dog is not a guard dog. If you want a guard dog, you must bring the dog into the home with family and make them part of the family. That is the only way they can learn to differentiate between friend and foe, and learn how to guard a home and family. Be responsible and never chain a dog.

Don’t breed a dog. Oklahoma and many other states suffer a tremendous, horrific, and costly pet overpopulation problem. Fix OK is working to reduce the homeless pet overpopulation through spay and neuter. Responsible pet owners spay and neuter. Irresponsible pet owners – including backyard breeders – cost taxpayers millions of dollars every year and cost millions of innocent animals their lives every year. Be responsible and never breed a dog.

Never get a dog to fight. Fighting dogs is illegal and abusive. The FBI has prioritized dog fighting as a felony violation that they actively investigate and prosecuteRiding in a car; Scared

They don’t want to live chained, penned, shut away in a basement or garage.  They want to be a part of your family.

Change a dog’s life!

Bring the pet into the home and family. Fence the yard. Take the dog for walks (it will be a great exercise for both of you). Play with your dog, take him to training classes, and make your dog a part of the family!

Need help?

UnchainOK is here to help. Do you need assistance with food, shelter, or repairing a fence? Our volunteers can work to assist you in providing a happier home for you pet.  Do you know of a chained dog that needs assistance? Please contact us.

Donate and volunteer

In loving arms & a part of a family.

Unchain OK mission:  Unchain OK fights to reduce the number of dogs subjected to living on chains by educating owners and providing basic needs to improve the lives of those who are on chains. We are working toward legislation to prevent chaining and tethering in the state of Oklahoma.