Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers working animal cruelty cases are not alone. OAA is here to help.

OAA offers the below services and resources to law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys fighting to enforce and prosecute animal neglect and abuse cases.

  • Necropsies — When a deceased animal is part of an animal cruelty, neglect, and/or abuse cases, necropsies (autopsies of animals) from the Oklahoma State Lab in Stillwater can provide legal evidence admissible in court regarding the cause of death. OAA can assist with transport and cost.
  • On-Site Veterinarian — OAA works with numerous veterinarians who are ready to help with abuse/neglect cases.
  • Transport and Rescue — OAA and SPCA volunteers work with a statewide network of volunteers to help transport animals to shelters and rescues. 
  • Supplies — OAA’s Unchain OK program works to reduce the number of dogs subjected to living on chains. Unchain OK volunteers use donated supplies of doghouses, food, harnesses, trolleys, fence repair materials, straw, and more to create educational opportunities to help owners and their pets. 
  • Training — OAA coordinates with the HSUS for free CLEET-certified training for law enforcement regarding cruelty cases.

For more information please see our Fighting Cruelty page.

(LEO and Animal Control Forms are password protected. Email from your government email to request password.)