State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Animal Cruelty Statutes – Department of Agriculture

Oklahoma Cruelty Statutes – Animal Legal and Historical Center

Oklahoma State Board of Commercial Pet Breeders

Oklahoma Municode – look up ordinances for all cities in Oklahoma

Breed-Specific Legislation is NOT LEGAL in Oklahoma. Title 4. Animals

Oklahoma Statutes: Title 4. Animals. §4-46. Muzzle and restraint of certain dogs required – Local regulation of dangerous dogs – Dogs not to be declared dangerous. B. Potentially dangerous or dangerous dogs may be regulated through local, municipal and county authorities, provided the regulations are not breed specific. Nothing in this act shall prohibit such local governments from enforcing penalties for violation of such local laws.

No home rule exceptions A recent court case ruled that a “home rule” city in Oklahoma may NOT pass a breed-specific law that conflicts with the state law against BSL.


City of Tulsa Animal Ordinances – A link to all animal related ordinances for the City of Tulsa. Title 2 – Animals.

Tulsa ordinances and Oklahoma state laws – source: Tulsa Police Department

FAQ for the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare – Information about licensing, rabies vaccination requirements, leash laws, spay/neuter requirements, reporting dangerous animals and stray animal citations/fees, as well as adopting an animal from Tulsa Animal Welfare.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Municipal Code – Animals – A link to animal related ordinances in Oklahoma City.


Bartlesville ordinance requiring spay/neuter


Guthrie city ordinance requiring vehicle owners to help any animals hit and injured by owner’s vehicle


Muskogee city ordinances regarding animals

Additional Locations

State of Kansas Animal Cruelty Laws – A link to animal laws in the state of Kansas.