Supporter Shoutout! Wheels of Hope Transport Crate Fundraiser

Our Wheels of Hope transport van is on the road every week delivering precious dogs, cats, and even rabbits to transport partners across the U.S., so they can avoid euthanasia in our city shelters in Oklahoma. These transports literally save hundreds and hundreds of lives each year.

At the end of February, we asked our community to support the purchase of safer, more comfortable, sturdy crates that would allow our team to configure the transport van in different ways, more easily unload and load animals, and ensure the “in-flight” experience was as safe as possible.

And holy moly, did you come through! We raised enough to cover the cost of all the Ruff Land Kennels, plus some additional funds to be used for cleaning supplies, blankets, and crate bowls. YOU ARE AMAZING.

The crates (with lucky animals in tow) took their maiden voyage to Iowa and Wisconsin recently.

THANK YOU to the following individuals for sponsoring the cost of the kennels and additional supplies to make these lifesaving transports even more successful!

  • Virginia Gibson in memory of Claire Folkins Bolen
  • Rosa Collins
  • Leslie Pritchard in honor of Kaitlyn Wayans
  • Mona Smith in memory of Libby Tucker
  • Aubrey Tinnin in memory of Jake
  • Catherine Brooks in memory of Jeanette Sprague
  • Annie Coates in memory of Coco Hall
  • Cheryl Miller in memory of Rita Moore Powell
  • Julie Lees
  • Joan Pringle