Why become an Alliance Participating Organization (APO)?

A STRONGER VOICE FOR OKLAHOMA’S ANIMALS! – As part of an alliance, animal welfare groups benefit from pooled resources and a centralized mission to save homeless pets.

Rescue organizations across the nation are joining hands to form coalitions, giving them more power to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. These alliances, with as little as 5 rescue organizations to 150, communicate between groups, offer guidance and fresh perspectives on old topics and create a collective ability for greater strides in animal welfare.

By being part of an alliance or coalition, rescue groups don’t give up their self-governance or programs, but find that along with the increased pool of resources and information they can share, it also gives them the benefit of a united voice in the community on animal welfare topics.

When groups come together in an alliance, there is ONE coherent voice making the message more straightforward. When all stakeholders (animal welfare organizations) agree on a shared interest, policymakers reach decisions more readily.

The alliance’s messaging reaches a bigger audience but also creates a positive public image of cooperation.

Benefits of being an Alliance Participating Organization (APO)

* Educational Opportunities and workshops

* No charge for participation in adoption events (Non-members $25.00)

* Event sponsorship and support for your organizations annual fundraising event (Up to $500.00 per year)

* A sharing of any resources when we receive food supplies or grants specific for the coalition or alliance.

* Use of the Wheels of Hope Transport Van (Must schedule 30 days in advance)

* Event insurance provided for APOs event (Must submit 30 days in advance)

* APOs will be linked to Oklahoma Alliance for Animals website

* OAA will host an APO get together to be held annually to share ideas and get to know one another.

How do I become an Alliance Participating Organization (APO)?

Download APO Application
Download Terms & Conditions

Complete your application form and mail it along with a copy of your 501 C3 status documentation to:

OAA, 5321 S. Sheridan Rd, Suite 30 Tulsa, Ok 74145